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I played “Jenga” With $200,000 In Cash!

After 19 years of Cash Gifting, I guess I can afford to PLAY with my money!

Have you ever played “Jenga”? ...

If you don’t know what it is, Google it.

I tried playing it, except I used $200,000

in cash and I made quite a mess. I guess

that means I lost.


The above picture is the result of what happens

when you try to stand about $200,000 in cash

straight up in the air and then pull a $10,000

stack from the bottom!


And don’t make fun of me.

Hey ... I got bored.

What else was I suppose to do?

Anyways ...

I’m updating my website right now.

Check back.

In the meanwhile ...

Read my cash gifting story.

It’s the truth about how I got started.

And if you’re having a hard time finding

money right now you’ll appreciate it.

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